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From the day 04/01/2016  Cessation of activity!


Welcome to HOTEL PRAGAMISIONES Jesuit Bungalows - to rest excellently, forgetting stress and everyday problems recovering strength, energy, hopes, values and the real happiness of life...enjoy a relaxed and healthy stay by us dear tourist friend.

Green subtropical nature Paradise in the middle of vibrant history, Guarani culture and real adventure but also all the comfort you demand! As travellers in South America, we know quite well what is important for you, what you expect to be satisfied once you arrive tired, sleepy but enthusiastic and ready to explore this still  untouched corner of marvellous province Misiones in Argentina and this little mystic town - San Ignacio Mini privileged by pure nature where tourist interests go far beyond breathtaking Jesuit Ruins! Our romantic family  Hotel PRAGAMISIONES is open all year attended by its owner Liliana eager to welcome you warmly and such a friendly atmosphere will embrace you throughout your stay ensuring our warm and personalized home care - count on our family dear traveller. Apart from Spanish, we also speak English, Italian, German, Russian and Czech. Thanks dear tourist for visiting this natural Eden and for choosing Pragamisionesmade in Misiones.

Inside our peaceful, relaxing and safe "island" we offer pleasant accommodation in just 5 nice, rustic and comfortable wooden Bungalows for 1, 2, 3 or 4 persons (total capacity of 20 persons) - the lovely jesuit cottages ( practical charming studios with private covered terraces ) are comfortably equipped with various amenities you need including silent air-conditioning or independent heating - depending on the season . Hot shower day/night in really cozy private bathroom is commonplace. Everything immaculate and fresh every day.Own parking, money exchange and medical emergency available, 24hs opening/surveillance plus night lighting - accompanying the trend of world tourism, where nature and scenic aspect come together with the comfort and well being of the tourist, Pragamisiones Hotel / Jesuit Bungalows offer the quality with a quite outstanding level of services to all its guests, so try this unforgettable Top tourist experience.....

Bungalows surrounded by green garden with common spaces (including grill, barbecue and hammocks) to talk with other travellers-completely at your disposal just like our familiar non stop Bar/Cafeteria when you get a little hungry, thirsty - or only enjoy a cup of coffee. You may also use free of charge our Notebook or even take advantage of Wi-Fi connection to surf Internet...besides, our facilities include translation service.  And when you leaves, there is free luggage custody if needed. Well, be sure to visit´ll be a great pleasure to give you a warm welcome smile in this relaxing place soon.

Hotel Pragamisiones is your safe home and your tourist embassy abroad, more than a hotel is a family so dont hesitate to contact us with any question or problem-we are here to help you willingly dear traveller! Thank you very much for considering Pragamisiones as your home away from home. See you dear tourist friend...


Bye - the owner Liliana Galeano


San Ignacio Miní                                          Misiones - Arg.

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